NanoB Explorers

NanoB explorers unit one: Explore and create simple machines and mechanism reflecting real world

engineering and technology using Lego.

NanoB explorers unit two: Learn the basic programming language called WeDo;  it is a LabVIEW

based graphical language and simple drag and drop software with icons to learn the first step in programming

world. Class is designed to inspire and develop problem solving, critical thinking, basic programming and

fundamentals of engineering.

Ages: 5-8 years, class code: R5090.


Lego Robotics

Introduction to Lego Mind storm using LabVIEW, basic Lego building skills and brick programming.

Advanced Robot Mechanisms: dos and don’ts, Microprocessor, algorithm, and flow chart, Advanced

Robot Programming # 1:sensor network, Advanced Robot Programming # 2: Logic and Mathematics,

Advanced Robot Programming # 3: data logging and interpretation, Introduction to Engineering Drawing

and Lego Digital Designer, 3D printing and Advanced Robotics.

Ages: 9+, 52 weeks, class code: R9015


Product Development

Developing STEM and robotics based products.This multidisciplinary approach will give opportunity to

student to identify the societal needs and develop the solution in form of a product. This STREAM based

learning will focus on how to enhance entrepreneurial aptitude, solve a unique problem, and design and

produce a meaningful product.

Ages: 12+, 16-48 weeks, Class Code: PD1216.


STREM and Art Projects

Art by Science

Creating art projects using science concepts.

Ages: 6-9, 6 weeks, class code: AS6009

Applied Mathematics and Art Creating art by using mathematical formulas and concepts.

All ages, 6 weeks, class code: AM1001

Art by Robotics:Develop programs that create basic mathematical shapes, cartoons, and abstract arts.

Ages: 8-12, 8 weeks, class code: AR1001


Arduino Projects

Entry level, intermediate and advanced level classes available for middle and high school age students. It

covers home automation,electronics, sensors based programming and hands on projects using Arduino and

Lego projects. Also Arduino and wearable electronics, and music module and much more.

Ages: 10+, 24 weeks, Class code: TA:1016



Safe and conceptual chemistry experiments.Making slime, crystal spikes, baking soda volcano, and flubber

using edible and non edible items. Learn about density, viscosity, acid and basic nature of the food items and

their chemical reactions. Hands on science projects using nanotechnology.

Grades: 1-5, 4 weeks, class code: S0105


STEM Projects

Hands on projects using science, technology,engineering, and math. Cutting edge research

projects using STEM. Project based learning and hands-on activities focusing applied science and

technology, applied mechanics and applied math and technology.

Ages: 8+, 12-36 weeks, class code: STEM1001


Raspberry Pi

Very tiny general purpose computer to use creating games and stories with scratch, programming,

shapes with turtle graphics, programming with python, programming Minecraft, building Raspberry

Pi juke box and much more.

Ages: 10+, 16-24 weeks, Class code: TR1016  


Physics by Robotics

Project based learning using physics concepts in robotics. Physics based hands on projects via robots, it covers

Newton’s laws, force and motion, basic electricity concepts,energy and much more.

Ages: 10+, 16 weeks, Class code: PHR10.  


Home Automation

Hands on projects using electronics and sensors. Develop device using electronics and engineering concepts. Build 

home automation and other systems to communicate and get alerts through social media.

Ages: 10+, 16 weeks, Class code: TH1016.  


Electronics using Little Bits

Learning basic electrical engineering principles, and electronics by hands on projects. How to apply

real world technologies to school level projects using sensors, motors, capacitors, resistors, transistors,

and microprocessors.

Ages: 5+, 16-24 weeks, class code: E5014



Multiplication table, algebra, calculus, geometry, and engineering math for K-12 and above. Hourly

tutoring is available for higher engineering mathematics for college students.

Ages: 5+, Class code: M1100


All About Motors and Gears

Basic principles of motor and its components. Hands-on projects covering engineering

aspects of motor and its wide use in real world technologies.Hands on projects using gears and gear-trains concepts. 

Ages: 9-14,16 weeks, Class Code: E9014


Beaded Jewelry

NanoBeasts proudly presents jewelry making for all ages. Beaded Jewelry class offers from beginner to

advanced level. For advanced level class please pick designer’s necklace/bracelets/earrings/anklets

from link I Jewelry that you would like to learn and we will be happy to teach.

Note: Materials will be provided for additional cost depending upon the level of class.