All About Motors

Basic principles of motor and its components.
Hands-on projects covering engineering aspects
of motor and its wide use in real world technologies.
Ages: 9-14,16 weeks, Class Code: E9014


Gears and Gear-Trains

Hands on projects using gears and gear-trains concepts.
Ages: 9-12, 8 weeks, class code: E9012

Electronics using LittleBits

Learning basic electrical engineering principles, and
electronics by hands on projects. How to apply real world
technologies to school level projects using sensors, motors,
capacitors, resistors, transistors, and microprocessors.
Ages: 5+, 16-24 weeks, class code: E5014


Lego Mechanisms

Learning engineering concepts and real word technologies
using Lego mechanisms. Ages: 6-9, 6 weeks, class code: E6090