NanoB Explorers

Explore and create simple machines and mechanism reflecting real world engineering
and technology using Legos. Build engineering vocabulary: gears, axles, pulleys, levers,
motor, and transmission of motion.Learn the basic programming language called WeDo;
it is a LabVIEW based graphical  language and simple drag and drop software with icons
to learn the first step in programming world. Class is designed to inspire and develop
problem solving, critical thinking, basic programming and fundamentals of engineering.
Ages: 5-8 years, class code: R5090.



Lego® Robotics

Introduction to Lego Mind storm using LabVIEW, basic Lego building skills and brick
programming. Advanced Robot Mechanisms: dos and don’ts, Microprocessor, algorithm,
and flow chart, Advanced Robot Programming # 1:sensor network, Advanced Robot
Programming # 2: Logic and Mathematics, Advanced Robot Programming # 3: data
logging and interpretation, Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Lego Digital Designer,
3D printing and Advanced Robotics. Ages: 9+, 52 weeks, class code: R9015