Home Automation

Hands on projects using electronics and sensors. Develop

device using electronics and engineering concepts. Build 

home automation and other systems to communicate and

get alerts through social media.

Ages: 10+, 16 weeks, Class code: TH1016.  


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Very tiny general purpose computer to use creating
games and stories with scratch, programming, shapes
with turtle graphics, programming with python, programming
Minecraft, building Raspberry Pi juke box and much more.
Ages: 10+, 16-24 weeks, Class code: TR1016  



Entry level, intermediate and advanced level classes
available for middle and high school age students. It
covers home automation,electronics, sensors based
programming and hands on projects using Arduino and
Lego projects. Also Arduino and wearable electronics, and
music module and much more.
Ages: 10+, 24 weeks, Class code: TA:1016