Our Mission

NanoBeasts focuses on an  interactive way of learning where kids are working on hands-on projects that reflect the real world science, technology, engineering, and math problems. Let’s make our current and next generation best STEM pioneers. Let’s fuel the young minds with STEM concepts from elementary age to enjoy the fruitful economy and careers.

Our Programs

NanoBeasts offers classes in programming, electronics,  science, technology, art, math, robotics, engineering and product development. Courses are designed based on how to bring our day to day needs to live.  Interwoven art and robotics bring STEM to next level which is STREAM, where art gives any project or product an attractive, marketable, and appealing look whereas Robotics is action mode of STEM project.

Contact Us

Need to find out more about what NanoBeasts are offering? We have classes and workshops for all age students.

Please call us at 855-202-5152 or email us at info@nanobeasts.com



CALL US : 855-202-5152